Thursday, July 25, 2013

Death and Knight

A wise man once said, “Man is condemned to be free.” How come it is so, when I’m still caged in this tragedy of mine – a tragedy I made for myself. Forever condemned to feel for you, to love you, even when it’s not right anymore. I’m trapped in my own body – a body that no longer listens to me, a body subject to all of my sinful desires. I have no choice. None. At all. Because my free will has been taken. Taken by you? No. It’s been selfishly carved out of me by my own love for you. It’s ironic that way, when they say that God’s greatest gifts to man are Love and Free Will. Yet in my own body they fight a war – a war whose victor has already been decided. There’s only one way to stop all of this. I shan’t let either win. I choose Him. I choose Death. He will free me from all this madness. But what is this? I hold the blade to my heart. I see flesh being cut. It stings a little but I’m alright. My hands are shaking. Am I afraid of pain? No. The pain is nothing to the Pain I’ve been enduring all this time. Then what is it? Ahh… I am afraid of Him – of Death. I called you here only to send you away… Will you listen? Forgive me for my impulsiveness… No, He says, You have already given me your fate. And as He reaches for me, a knight appears, slashing Him into pieces, sending Death back to His own realm. Thank you, I cry. Thank you so much! I didn’t know what to do anymore. He starts walking away without even looking at me. Wait! I cry, What’s your name? This time around he did look back. I’m surprised at the wrinkles at his face. He has the saddest look and he stares at me with pity. With tears in his eyes and a small smile he answers me, I’m cowardice. And I’m yours to keep.

*Note: Above picture is not mine.

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