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Pope Francis - a Revolution

Pope Francis might just be the most amazing thing to happen to the Catholic Church since the day I was born (year 1995).


Okay Pope John Paul II was pretty amazing too, but it's just that (and I want to make clear that this is my own opinion), while Pope John Paul II did bring us many wonderful things and most importantly, miracles, which are the physical manifestation of God's surreal works to us, Pope Francis brings a revolution of goodness.

I am a Catholic but I'm not particularly religious. At the same time though, my faith in God is strong. Don't get me wrong.  I'm not one of those God-surely-exists kind of people.  I do get where atheists come from, seriously.  Sometimes I'm even annoyed at the reasoning of devout Christians on why God must definitely exist.  It's just that, if God does exist, my belief in his goodness is very strong.  Honestly though, I still pray and I still talk to Him every night, because.. Well, I have this really unreasonable belief in His existence and His powers, and most of all, in His love for us.  Never mind that.  I'm not here to discuss all my beliefs. I'm here to express how thrilled I am that there is finally, finally, a Pope that can speak up for the less vocal of the Catholic Church - those who actually respect others and don't bash on the LGBT community.

As I said before, though a strong believer, I'm not particularly religious. Translation: I'm really not updated at all with what's happening with Catholicism these days.  So take note that all I'm saying here on this post, are extremely opinionated and well, not statistical.

Pope Francis, at first all I heard about him was that he changed the way the "throne" of the Pope looked.  He took away the red carpet, he changed the "cap" they wear, and instead of the traditional luxurious looking chair the Pope usually sits on, he uses a plain white chair. For those who are new to this, want proof? Here.

On a side note, you might want to check out that link too.

So when he did that, at first I thought, Okay, he's humble. It's all good. He looks like a nice person too. What Pope isn't anyway? (Except that really evil one on Da Vinci's Demons. Sorry. Fangirl mode.) What I meant was, what modern Pope isn't?  No modern Pope's evil.... At least not that I've heard of..

For me though, the seat of the Pope wasn't really important.  I mean, I get why they have that.  The Pope is a leader, and a leader needs to keep up appearances, not only for his own position, but also to show his pride of the power of his people.  I get that.  It doesn't make the leader selfish to have lavish things you know. (Except of course if this is gained through corruption. *Cough* Shoutout to my country*Cough*)

He left a really good impression on me.  He really did.  Thing is though, what changes things?  A few little tweaks in the appearance of the throne here and there... Okay, that makes the Church better?  I didn't ask for proof.  I didn't expect he'd give me proof.  Yet here I am, in awe of this cool old dude (is that disrespectful or something?) because after that, he proved to the world, that the Church is not yet hopeless.

Please read this article.

So yes, the Pope, seems to be a supporter of the LGBT community, female rights and contraception.  Does that make him a better person? Well, okay in my opinion, a little.  I might be wrong though.  The thing is, and I'm just gonna paraphrase here, though he didn't directly say that he is a supporter, he reminded the Church that these issues need not be talked of all the time.  Nowadays, Catholics are just known for bashing against what they do not know.  That is just extremely selfish.  Now for all of you who have the same mindset as I do, let me ask you to do something. 

Let's pretend, for just one second, that these conservative Catholics are right.  Being gay isn't approved in the Bible.  Being gay is against the teachings of God.  Let's assume that this is right.  So you, who think that, don't approve of the LGBT community.  Thing is, do you have to concentrate on that all the time? Do you have to bash on these people whenever you see them? Why? I don't like peanut butter.  Do I have to bash people who do like them? I mean, dude. Do you not see how silly this makes everything? What. False analogy?  Fine. I don't like guilty criminals, but I don't spend my time searching up every single one of them and condemning them for what they've done.  For one, I don't know them. Two, they probably already have so much on their plate being jailed for years.  They don't need another random stranger to remind them of what they've done.  What do I know?  Maybe what he did was right, and all I can see is the surface of his deed.  Maybe somehow, he made things better for other people who couldn't do it for themselves.

That got off topic.  Sorry.  As I was saying, you don't have to concentrate on those all the time.  Even if you were religious, there is so much more to Catholicism than bashing and disapproval.  Catholicism is a branch of Christianity.  And being Christian used to mean so much more.  People in the past literally used the word "Christian" to mean good.  Sample short dialogue: "Why would you help him? You don't even know the man." "Because it's the Christian thing to do." 

Christianity means goodness, because next to Love, it is what God wants of us the most.  You can tell me I'm being delusional, or that I haven't met God in my life, so I don't have the right to these words.  Let's think of this in a religious point of view then.  Do you think Jesus, got himself crucified and ridiculed, just to tell us that this is the right thing to do?  Do you think that He did not suffer enough, because based on what others think might have been wrong with him, he deserved that kind of fate?  Yes. You can tell me that based on the Bible, He did choose that fate.  For what though?  To save us.  All my life the religious teachers have been telling me that Jesus was crucified in order to save us.  But I've always thought, how?  I think now I know, or at least I know a part of it.  He did it, so we could see, what the condemning eyes of men can drive the fates of the innocent to.  He did it so we'd know, that these horrible creatures are not what we seek to become, or at the very least, hopefully not. 

At the end of this very long post, I not only ask you people, whether or not you approve of our (awesome) new Pope, but also... Do you even remember what it means to be Christian - to concentrate on the good we can do for ourselves and for others rather than the bad?  

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