Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I was running in the rain that day.

I was hurting in the rain that day.

Each step was a tug-of-war between the push of my limbs and the pull of the ground.  I was hot with fever, but shivering from the cold.  I forgot my umbrella so I ran past the shower of metal droplets that they called rain - and I begged to differ was a fucking storm. I'll be damned if I miss that new episode of Sherlock today, I thought to myself.  Even sick and tired I'm going to fight through, all for you, Sherlock Holmes. 

Kill. Kill. Die. Die. That was the constant chant of my aching limbs as each foot touched the ground, and lifted off of it, as the left hand held through the books that I was carrying home, and the right hand clutched the laptop bag as dearly as vultures clung to death.

I'm sure I looked silly then - a slight girl carrying so many things bigger than she could handle, running past the rain and occasionally screaming like a banshee to keep herself going.  I guess you didn't mind, because when I bumped into you, my Sweet Innocence, you looked at the red-nosed, red-eyed, red-faced little girl as if she were an angel. At that I stopped in my tracks.  At that you smiled at me.  At that my world stopped. At that you kissed me.

When I pulled away, you flashed me a grin and asked in that melodious voice of yours,

"Fancy sharing an umbrella?"

It was the most romantic moment of my life, and the most beautiful. That memory could almost compare to the delicacy of your soul.  You're my Angel.  I called you my Sweet Innocence because with your heavenly profile, no one could guess half the devilish things you whispered to me each night.  You called me Red, because you said nothing could make you forget my face that day.  It was the first you found red beautiful, you told me.

I was running in the rain that day.

I was hurting in the rain that day.

You made me smile despite the rain that day.

You make me cry underneath the trees today.

I want to lie beside you -

Underneath the earth.

For the first time since your first breath,

Your beauty stilled,

Finally -

An angel immortalized.

Goodbye, Sweet Innocence.

Your Little Red.


  1. NoShizSherlock4/09/2014 12:20:00 AM

    I dunno if its de ja vu or something but I've read this before! -x

    1. This is something I wrote only on this blog tho :o Maybe it's similar? I wrote it after I read Garbriel's Inferno - hence the "angel" part. And the "kill kill die die" was from Soul Eater....?


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