Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Blog Update

Haven't written in a while because the net's been shitty. I blame PLDT. (Oh and did I mention how unreasonably angry I am at that one 9gag picture which shows a download speed of 711 Mbps? Yes. I'm serious. If you live here in the Philippines, you'd understand my frustration.)

Here's proof:

On another note, Philippines also has the lowest average internet speed in all of the ASEAN countries. Too tired to show a reference. Search it up. Pretty sure the google will give you proof. We also have the most expensive-slash-slowest internet connection speed combination ever. 

Sen. Bam Aquino, you will be my personal hero if you actually succeed in making a change during your investigation. You're actually already halfway there when I found out you've been investigating this case. The whole Philippine teen population's probably got your back.

Anyway, I've written this scattered-weird update just to let you know that internet sucks so I haven't been uploading much - or anything at all really. (I scrolled up. I was right. I wrote this part already. Ugh.)

Excuse the almost kind of slightly drunk way this post's been constructed. It's almost 2am right now and I'm really sleepy. Seeing as how I made the effort to wake myself up because of a random inspiration (read previous post: Interruption), I decided to continue with a blog update too. I figure I'll forget about writing it the next day so I'm not risking it. My brain works mostly when it wants to rest - which is weird but my writing's plenty weird too so I'll leave it at that. (Proof will be seen in the previous post. Again.)

So this is to say that I wanted to update but I couldn't and also to alert any reader that the updated post might not be much because it's something that inspired this half-awake author(?) during the dead of the night. (I mean seriously. Everyone's asleep here.)

Then again. I guess you can call yourself a writer only when your writings call out to you even during the strangest times, and you end up answering it.

Note to self: That last line sounded cooler in your brain. 
Note again to self: But it still kinda sounds cool right now.
Note again again to self: Opinion might change when you're fully awake and you realize you might not sound like you're making sense.
Note again again again to self: The optimistic part is finding out whether or not you've got a knack for comedy. If you don't, well it's a shame.

*Edit: Did I just say "the google"? Like really. The google. Hmm. Nice ring to it though. Past self, you're forgiven.

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