Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Paper Madness

I love the feeling
Of black spreading on you
Forming coherent words
And muddled scribbles.
You inspire
The strokes of art
(Art in strokes)
And pattern in colors
(Colors in pattern).

Lead -
The possibilities are endless.

And yet water kills you
Faster than fire.

I love the sound
Of crumpling as you burn,
That slit slit slit sound
As I tear you up.
That crackling sound I hear
As substitute for pleas and wails
As you suffer and collapse
In the hands of man.

Oh mystical, godly paper
Made from the mightiest trees
That withstand even the
Strongest of storms.
We consume you
Strip by strip
Layer by layer
Rendering you helpless -
Worshiped but enslaved.

This is the rush
That Hannibal must feel
In consuming his victims
Layering them
Into edible meat.

My oh my,
I must be succumbing
To the madness of man -
That which deludes you into thinking
That you are all-powerful.

But no,
Not at all.

I understand so much
That so many things are better than I -
So many, many more
Brighter and more capable creatures;
But not, my fellow men.
Mankind is full of limits.
We are defined by our limits,
And mostly how
We look past them
And I quote,
"Look at the good."

If the definition of madness
Is doing the same thing over and over again,
But expecting different results each time.
Then by proof of observation,
Optimism must be the highest form of madness.

Too pessimistic perhaps?
Ironic - to talk about optimism as a pessimist.
And yet not really unpredictable.

I dis optimism only because
It is the epitome
Of man's delusions of power.
Man is always power-hungry
And the highest of those powers -
Is value.
Both in importance and in ethics.

But I refuse
To give in to that delusion.
I see the limits.
Yes, I do.
The limits I see
Are endless.
Paradoxical they are -
Limitless Limits.

And yet it is in our admission
In the presence of these limits
Where we shall find joy.
Only then can we revel in the glory
Of surpassing them -
Possibly once or twice.

Stripping a majestic tree of its dignity -
Wasting, killing, destroying.
Even its descendants.
Those poor, poor sheets of paper
All gone;
All wasted;
All dead.

The kill.
It's exhilarating.

*Disclaimer (?) (Did I even use that right?) : In no way is the author a sadistic nature-killer. (Okay the sadistic part maybe. *wink* ) The aim in this post is to create a persona of a mad man. This in no way (I hope) contributes to the mindset of eco-hating members of the society. In fact it would help a lot if you find this persona to be repulsive. Thank you.

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