Wednesday, May 21, 2014


A: This cake is
B: Amazing!
A: Yes!
B: No. I mean how amazing is it that they took that deal?
A: What de-
B: My boss told me this morning that
A: I thought we weren't gonna talk about work today?
B: I realize that but
A: Excuse me, Miss. A bottle of
B: I thought this could be
A: Champagne please.
Waitress: Certainly
B: An exception.
Waitress: Ma'am.
A: It's our--!
B: Anniversary. I know.
A: Don't roll your eyes at
B: Then don't talk to me like
A: But you are a child!
B: Can't we just have dinner without
A: No. What use is celebrating an anniversary if we're so tired of each other?
B: Don't over dramatize this, please. I've had enough of this at work.
A: You never listen anymore.
B: Neither do you.
A: I can't even
B: Finish sentences anymore?
A: Yes. No. Yes.
B: ...

B: I'm not tired of you.
A: Then what is it?
B: I'm just... tired.
A: So am I.
B: But do you know
A: What?
B: The thing I loved the most about us a few years back
A: Was when we finished each other's
B: Sentences.


Police cars.
A child.
A knife.

C: Ahh... Silence.

A giggle.

*Oddly enough inspired by the midsentence ending from The Fault In Our Stars reference book AIA. I'm pretty sure it's meant to inspire happier writings but... Maybe next tme?


  1. Why is this still morbid? Huhuhuhuhuhu!

  2. Because it's especially for you :> Not-so-anonymous


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