Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 21, 2014 at Binondo, Manila

Tiny droplets
Hitting the pavements
All at once
So strong
So cold.

But the night air
Though windy
Is terribly warm
With a muskiness enveloping
Loud but Lonely

Someone just died
From these words I read.
It's from the news
But to me
It's as real
As the terminally ill
Dead character
From yesterday's book.

Even more odd
Is that today's book
Is more alive than they
More alive than I.

Scary how distance
Can muddle the line
Between reality and fiction.

More than fiction...
The un-realness of it all.

If humans could rationalize
Only that which they can see.
And if humans can only believe
That which they understand.
Then I guess the line between
Reality and not
Really is only
In the power of a blink.

I cry for the broken souls of the blind as I narrate this.
(And I pray at the same time that they never shall run across this.)

Then again,
I guess it's true.

Out of sight,
Out of mind.

*Again. Not meaning to offend anybody. Just a different persona when I write. With all the depressing things I write, I'm gonna have to stop putting these weird notes at the end of my post at some point.

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