Thursday, May 29, 2014


It was the night when you decided to end it all -
That we wouldn't be;
That we couldn't be.
Not anymore.

A breath away -
A distance once too close,
Now too far,
Going farther
And farther -

An inch;
A foot;
A meter;
I counted.

All in twenty-one seconds.

You looked back,
Why won't you ask me to stay?"

My face swollen from the tears
(A face you once called ridiculous,
But undoubtedly pure)
I opened my mouth
And said the words that you used to love.

I managed a smile.

"Make me."

*Oddly enough, this was inspired by Michael Faudet, I thought of that last line first, but I realized that I couldn't be daring enough to write a sexual poem. So that last line really has a hint of sexual innuendo, though not totally.

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