Thursday, May 22, 2014


So I caught a metal thingy just now and it grazed my skin. It hurt for a few seconds and then nothing. After ten minutes, my mother told me to get something. Obviously, it involved me putting my hands in front. Woah. There was blood. I had a mini-slice brought about by the metal thingy. I was so shocked and immediately washed it. It throbbed a little and the pain lessened. After that as I walked around trying not to think about that random slice on my palm, I could still feel the pain from the wound. Then I realized something. That's life. Even though something that could pain us already exists, it doesn't really start to hurt until you know about it. That's why people lie. Especially to themselves.

So basically:

Oh well.
Walk walk.
Hands up.
Wash wash wash.
It still hurts. </3
"Why is life like this???" (joke)
"Life is like this!"
I'm so fucking deep.
Let's write this shit down and make it seem like I thoroughly thought about it. Let's also confuse people by writing it all in one kinda lengthy paragraph and then explain it again in the simplest way possible.
I'm still deeper than Adele.
Maybe not. But I'm pretty close.

*I actually did say "Why is life like this?" out loud. Yes it was a joke. But thinking about it, that joke lead me to a really deep realization. Sometimes, the smallest step is the most important in achieving the biggest things. WOAH. Dude. I'M SO FUCKING DEEP.

*Why the hell am I typing in all caps while using a small font size? O.o This blog is getting weird........

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