Monday, June 2, 2014

A Horrible Life

My sin,
My child.

So tall and strong.

My stitches,
Borne of me,
My hands,
My skills.
My sin,
My child.

A son I made out of my life.
A son I made not from life.

It's strange how much I love you.
I, who tried so desperately to separate myself from everyone living.
I, who mock anyone and everyone I see.
I, who pride myself in science without emotions.
I, who love you.

I gave you life,
Ironic though,
That you are closer to death than anyone living.

Even closer than the infants who haven't seen the light of day,
Even closer than those who struggle with each breath to stay for one more second.
Even closer than those who actually are dead.
You, who are just learning to live, are deader than the dead.

I cry for you,
My innocent Frankenstein.

*Written during the half of Penny Dreadful's 2nd episode. I just love how even though he's so impatient with smart adults, Dr. Frankenstein loves Proetus so much and has patience with him like a parent would to a child. 

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