Tuesday, June 3, 2014

#iRecommend Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful is not dreadful at all.

So far, only four episodes have been released, and I'm fucking hooked. I swear it's the next big thing.

This show is fucking genius. Great plot. Great script. Great actors. Great characters. Great directing. Great camera work. Gah. I'm not even pretending to have good vocabulary anymore, because I just can't describe this show better than "great", except maybe for "godly" but that's blasphemous and given the supernatural setting of the show, I'm not ready to use that word.

It's dynamic, shocking, and animated. At the same time it doesn't betray the proper, quiet setting of old England, which is probably why you'll always be pleasantly surprised. There is always an underlying current of excitement, one that you probably aren't all too aware of the whole time until after you've finished an episode.

The show is bold in its themes of lust, romance, idealism and horror. I can't get enough.

Truth be told my brain is scrambling for words right now. (If that isn't obvious yet with the way the post is poorly written.) I just don't know how to use proper adjectives for a show like this. It's amazing, and you'll have to see for yourself.

Of course, you'll only be able to fully appreciate it when you know the references, so do your research before you watch.

*possible spoilers start*
So far I am falling in love with Vanessa Ives and Dorian Grey. They're such gorgeous characters that you'd want to reach out and grab the actors out of the show - or better yet, the characters. The amount of gothic pretty isn't lacking in this show for sure. I'm also loving Dr. Frankenstein and Sembene. Dr. Frankenstein's just got such a beautifully odd outlook on the world - both poetic and scientific at the same time. Who couldn't love a character like that? And you just know Sembene's going to drop a bomb about his character any episode now - you can't look that cool and mysterious and all bodyguard-y without being an awesome supernatural creature yourself.

Of course I love the other characters too. You can just hear the conflict in Sir Malcolm's thoughts every time he even flinches. The Creature is tragically romantic too. (I hope he finds happiness.) I'm also betting my money that Brona will become one of the undead at some point - given that she's dying already. And come on, Ethan Chandler's obviously not entirely human either. Last, Proteus. Awwwww.

It's also good to note that even freagin' extras are amazing at this show.
*possible spoilers end*

I'm really not that great at reviewing genius shows. I'll just use a few quotes from the series to showcase its powerful script. Take note that these were all random and I'm actually just copying them from my previous tweets, so they're really few and not all that detailed either.

"There is only one worthy goal in scientific exploration - piercing the issue that separates life from death."

"Life and death, the flicker that separates one from the other, fast as a bat's wing, more beautiful that any sonnet..."

"How much of the world will we have to murder?"
"Would you care?"

"Is it an end though, Victor? Or a movement - a gesture towards something else?" (about death)

"Death is not serene."

"We have been brutalized by loss. And it has made us brutal in return."

"Get some sleep."
"Who can survive the dreams?"

"Is it poisonous?"
"Like all beautiful things? I hope so."

"That's the paradox. Music is a fantasm but. It's true."

"And so it was, I learned mankind's capacity for hatred
...And mercy. In a single night."

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