Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Step Up All In Falls Flat Compared to Its Predecessors

The Step Up franchise was never really about incredible plots as much as it was about incredible dances and more importantly, magnificent dancers. So keep in mind in this review that I wasn't expecting a great plot. I just wasn't expecting... this. Ugh.

I remember watching Step Up Revolution (the fourth movie in the Step Up series) and holding my tears back, because I would not cry over a dance movie. 

But what could I have done? It was a beautiful experience, and the day when I would be moved to tears by a dance movie finally came. 

More than the story that these dancers tried to tell with their words, I was more entranced with the way these dancers spoke with their bodies. Just watching them dance, I could see the hard work they put in their craft. They took the brave road, and now they were in a movie. Somehow, everything worked out. And everyone knows it couldn't have been easy. 

But every time you watch them dance, as in really dance, you see that they become other people. They tell other stories, and that story becomes important to you. Odd, isn't it? That you feel them become the best actors when they stop acting and start dancing. 

I love the Step Up series. And I'm really not sure if I'm exaggerating anymore when I say that Step Up All In ruined it.

By the way, did I mention that they dance?


*Not necessarily in order, and may not be complete.*

  • Why are Sean and Eddy fighting??? This isn't right!
  • Is Sean an asshole now?
  • I miss the old Sean.
  • OhmyGod Moose!
  • Moose!
  • Yey! Recruitment time!
  • Moose and Camille!
  • Haha "Dance with cougars"
  • Cha-cha man is good.
  • Zombie Dance. Huh.
  • Was that actually a dance sequence?
  • I still can't believe Sean isn't a dancer in real life. He can keep up with them like that. Fucking amazing.
  • Andie. So stupid. Why start a dance battle in the middle of your work?
  • Sean. Stop agreeing to the fucking dance.
  • Why is Moose making the most sense here?
  • Oh Moose. ♥♥♥
  • Was that another dance sequence? I think I missed it.
  • Why did they make Sean an asshole?
  • How the fuck did Andie start liking Sean?
  • Why did Chase leave Andie?
  • Why did Emily leave Sean?
  • This pairing is so fucked up. They don't have chemistry.
  • I wish I could pull off Andie's clothes.
  • Gross, Cha-cha Man.
  • Moose!
  • Moose biceps. Oh.My.God.
  • OhMyGod Poreotix!!!
  • Awww. Robot Man and Robot Girl <3
  • Wow. That black girl from the Grim Knights is so fucking awesome.
  • Moose dance!
  • Moose hot.
  • Moose kiss! Camille see! Me die.
  • Wow. From rehearsal to that? Pretty damn good.
  • Why.Is.The.Dance.Battle.So.Useless.
  • I ship Sean X Eddy.
  • Wow. Sean asshole. Again. I see.
  • Bald man don't dance much. Bad acting too.
  • Trying hard Effie is trying too hard.

Last Dance:

  • Andie's so hot when she dances.
  • Too.Many People. Cannot.See.Well. Who.The.Fuck.Is.Who?
  • No-Accent girl is awesome.
  • So much dances. What connect?
  • Why is the fact that other teams are part of this whole thing okay again?
  • Moose!
  • Moose's signature dance!
  • Why is Camille not dancing enough???
  • Great dancers! Can't concentrate though...
  • Someone get me eyeglasses clearer than the ones that I already have.
  • I knew that kiss with Cha-cha Man was coming.
  • Are they really talking that slow during a big dance number??
  • Andie's big move! Andie's big move! Andie's big... move... is that? I fucking saw that in the trailer.
  • OhmyGod that's it? It ended?
  • That was the most anti-climactic part of the whole choreography. How can they end it like that?

Other comments:

  • Moose!
  • Plot. Much wow.
  • Thank you. For ruining characters.
  • Thank you. For giving Camille much air time.
  • Thank you. For giving other dancers so much air time.
  • Thank you. For making that last dance confusing as hell.
  • An actual non-sarcastic thank you, for Moose's biceps.
  • This was what it felt like, when Bring It On suddenly started using effects. *sigh*
  • Why???


*This isn't a professional review. So I hope you understand that as part of a general audience, I never give ratings less that 5 because I feel that it would be too much to critique a show that low. Which is why 5 is an all time low in my book.

*If you need me, I'll be in my room rewatching the whole Step Up series before this one ruined it for me; thank you very much.

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