Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The City of Heavenly Fire - Book Reaction

Oh God, do I love this book series. No spoilers here by the way, just a fangirl fangirling her way into series ending grievances and new series excitements.

Basically, the book was awesome. I've said it before (on twitter) and I'll say it again, if I could quote the whole book series, I would. Clare has this way with words that make them so poetic and so modern and so real all the time. Her characters are always ones that you'll root for. (Except for TID's 1 villain. That guy was an ass.)

The ending is just right, something that gives you hope and acceptance - and even just a little bit of closure -  for the characters of this universe that you first loved - still do by the way. I have to admit I wrote that last line down somewhat reluctantly, because for all the greatness carried into the name of every character Clare has ever made, the main characters of TMI 2 will always be closer to my heart. I don't think I'm ready yet to say goodbye to Jace, Clary, Isabelle,  Alec, Magnus, etc. Thank Clare 3 for making a whole list of book series under the Shadowhunter Chrnonicles. Basically, she's going to keep on making books about characters that live in this universe, so that we don't have to get all sobby and desperate when one book series ends, because there's always a chance to get a peek at their lives after - in another book of course.

The next book series is titled The Dark Artifices. The first book is named Lady Midnight. It will be about Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorns - characters already introduced in The City of Heavenly Fire. There is a recurring pattern in Clare's books, wherein a character is always (more or less) adopted into a Shadowhunter family - in this case, Emma into the Blackthorns. I'm not tired of it though. Honestly, she puts enough twist on these settings for feelings of just-enough nostalgia and more than a hint of bad-ass-ism. (It's a word.)

She also managed to show that the characters from TMI and TID are affected enough by these characters, that we might get to see them in the books to come. (Yey!!)

For now, I'm waiting for November 2014 to buy The Bane Chronicles - a book about Magnus Bane. I've also got to get my hands on The Shadowhunter Codex, but there's time for that. The thing I desperately need right now, are the first three books of TMI. I have read them, of course, but if you're a true fan of these books, you'd understand that reading them is totally not equal to owning them. I've already seen a link for the trilogy book set, and I'm going to work my ass off so I can buy that.

TID stands for The Infernal Devices series. The asshole of a villain was Mortmain. Seriously, I loved Valentine and Sebastian. I hoped for better outcomes for them - even possible resurrections. I guess that's not possible now.
2 TMI stands for The Mortal Instruments series.
3 Thank Clare because, though I don't like to blaspheme, she's technically the god (small g) of this awesome universe she created.

The Shadowhunter Chronicles

Books released:

The Mortal Instruments

City of Bones
City of Ashes
City of Glass
City of Fallen Angels
City of Lost Souls
City of Heavenly Fire

The Infernal Devices

Clockwork Angel
Clockwork Prince
Clockwork Princess

Companion Book

The Shadowhunter Codex

To be released:

The Dark Artifices

Lady Midnight

Companion Book

The Bane Chronicles

To be released far into the future:

The Dark Artifices

Lord of Shadows
The Queen of Air and Darkness

The Last Hours

Chain of Thorns
Chain of Gold
Chain of Iron

The Secret Treasons

The Wicked Powers

Companion Book

Shadowhunters and Downworlders
Shadowhunter Academy

With regards to the main book series(es), in timeline format, it's like this. 


Long story short, I've got a lot of looking forward to do.

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