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Today in Pictures - Tickets


Today isn't really today. I had already started writing this post when I had to stop because I needed to attend to my part-time job (ugh). But then all the things already written here were true, and I had to admit it was a waste to put so much effort into something I wasn't even going to post, so here I am, in the middle of the night, continuing my thoughts from July 12, 2014, a.k.a. today.

For purposes of truthfulness, I'm not going to change the way I've written the words during the... first half of my writing journey (I couldn't think of a better word). I'll just be putting markers to show where I started writing... today. This whole "today" business is a whole lotta confusing. I almost want to change the title for your (dear reader) and my own convenience. Almost. 

But nah.


I'm currently at the phase where I can't help but take pictures of just about anything I see, because it's been a long time since I've used a camera (in a phone). My last phone's camera was broken. I figured I might as well record it down since that seemed like what I was doing.

I'm writing this at 2pm, so just figure out the past and present tenses on your own. (Edit: I guess it's going to be a lot more confusing than that huh.)

Long story short, today's the day that my friend and I were supposed to redeem our tickets for 1D. We only got silver, because gold was sold out in 30 minutes. We were supposed to get that but whatever, SM Tickets online sucks. That's a story for another day.

I was woken up by a new alarm app that I downloaded just yesterday. 

Yup, that's right. The app's name is Alarmy. As innovative as this app's inventor was, that's how bad he was at naming. 
Alarmy's pretty awesome actually. The concept is that when you wake up, you have to go take a picture of something so that you can turn it off. The picture that I assigned to it was this: 

That's a picture of my bathroom wall. Don't mind the crack.

What I didn't know at the time was that the alarm music was loud as hell. So just this morning, when I was woken by Alarmy, I forgot that my regular alarm was also set at the same time, so they went off together. (Sounds pretty romantic if I was talking about people.)

My regular alarm's music is the loud crow of a rooster - which actually sounds pretty melo when it's alone. Alarmy's alarm music is Boom Clap by Charli XCX. Together... Let's just say they don't match well.

So my older sister woke up, yep you guessed it, alarmed. She told me to shut my alarm because "parang may namamatay". (Translation: Croo-croo + Charli XCX = death cry.) I couldn't agree more. I wanted to shut it up, but I didn't know what was happening yet. When I figured out that the two alarms were simultaneously going off, I tried to close the regular one first but it was so hard because Alarmy's pop-up kept popping up. After about 30 seconds - at which point I managed to finally shut the regular alarm up - I tried to minimize the volume. It didn't work. I was panicking so much because I was waking up the other people in the house so I took the picture; it didn't work. I took it again; it didn't work. Third time's a charm, so it finally shut the fuck up that third try.

After that, I was awake as shit. Tired, but awake. Alarmy's the alarm for you if you have trouble getting up in the morning. Believe you me.

I lay down the bed for about twenty minutes more just to rest from that ordeal. After that, I took a bath and dressed up.

(Edit: This is the part where I change... days. If things go as planned, this is written the day it's published.)

That day was also the day when I'd get to wear my new boots. ♥♥♥ So of course I had to take pictures. After a couple of really bad tries (since it's been a while since I've shot anything), this was the resulting picture. 

Excuse the slanted mirror and pet bowls. Oh, and the face towel too.

I was actually surprised that the picture turned out decent. (Yes. It's decent. No one can counter because this is a one way conversation.) I looked decent, which is saying much, because as you will later notice... I've lost touch with the camera. And I may just be the most un-photogenic person ever. (Maybe the trick is not looking at the camera?)

Also, if anyone's asking, the face towel I'm holding, it's a thing. I can't survive without one. That doesn't really mean I'm careful with it though. I try to be... Does that count? So if anyone's willing to donate to the RandomLi Association, please don't hesitate to contact me. (Yes. I'm also making "RandomLi" a thing now. Again. Nobody can counter.)

The night before, I made a checklist on my phone of all the things I needed to bring. This was on picking up 1D tickets. Failure is not an option. 

Suffice to say I forgot to finish the checklist. By the time I was inside the car, the loom bands that my friends' parents - respectfully known as WishaMamiDadi - requested of me were in the 5th floor of the building I lived in. That's right, I left it. (I later recalled that I was also supposed to give my friend a cheese snack I'd promise her a few months ago. Did I note it down on the checklist? Yes. Did I give it to her? Well, the answer's obvious. I'll probably eat it when I get the chance.)

We went to SM Manila, because the way to redeem the tickets was to pick 'em up from SM Tickets Cinema Outlets. I don't even know why that name is so long.

The plan was after picking them up, they'd take me back home. They'd watch the movie Begin Again after. Her Dad had a lunch meeting and even if he didn't, I had my own part time job to attend to so... *sob*. 

Q: Why did I have to come with?
A: My card (though not money) was used.
Q: Why did they have to take me home, when they were so busy?
A: I don't know. They always do. It's something I'm grateful for.

We picked up the tickets, and since I was so camera-crazy, I insisted on selfies with the tickets. And this was the best picture we took.

Need I repeat? BEST.
Apparently, all my know-how-to-smile muscles died with those years (okay, maybe just a year) without a camera to play with. I'm not even talking about my own. People who had phones which you could sabotage by taking a multitude of selfies were growing more and more endangered as the years went by. If I could only go back to third year...

The ride to the house up to that point in time probably lasted around thirty minutes, so I naturally felt a little dispirited. Then my ears perked up when I heard the Wisha family say that we were going to eat lunch first. (Well, not really. I have terribly small ears.) 

They were a ramen family, and I was a ramen person. It all added up.

Hence, Ramen Cool.

It was a small place, and I haven't really heard of it before. The service and atmosphere was really nice though. It didn't hurt that the food was really good too. Their shop was cute and made you feel like you were in another place. When we stepped out, I was honestly surprised to find myself back in SM Manila. That was a little weird.

Anyway, food pictures!!! 

Sesame Ice Cream. It was kind of disappointing. Kokoro Ramenya's was so much better.

Not to be outdone by the food pics, I asked my friend for another ticket selfie - to make up for the bad ones earlier. Spoiler alert: It didn't.

Is that my face swollen up there? Yep. Is that my nose looking bigger than a potato? Yep. Can I see my eyes? Barely - and not in the cute eye smile kind of way.

Self-shaming hurts the most when it's true. *sob*

We left the shop and passed by a few shops before we went to the car.We also stopped by a department store, where I learned that just because I already owned boots, doesn't mean that my fascination with them was over. There was a sign by the boots that said "STEEL TOE". It sounded fascinating so I responded by retaliation - I flicked one with my finger.

The result:

Damn right, STEEL TOE.

The hype (my hype, but for purpose of abusing a writer's power, I shall not refrain from addressing it as the hype) was over and I was sent home. I got the loom bands and delivered it to them.

I started uploading pictures to Instagram (because ya know, where the hell would those pictures go if not online) and was inspecting my tickets - possibly with attacks of random giggles.

It was an eventful half day, and even though I was going to face my students - I'm an ESL tutor - a few hours later, I was satisfied.

Then I saw this.

On the one hand, I was glad to know that I was eventually going to own a 1D access card. On the other, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. 

Was ticket claiming normally this hard? Good thing I don't go to concerts often.

In conclusion, our ticket claiming adventures aren't over yet.

To end this long post of mine:

Because why not play with the one good pic you have? And I think I finally get why people like this mirror effect. Huh.

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