Monday, September 22, 2014

A Monologue

When you feel
Happy, sad, excited, hurt, or conflicted,
When you feel,
Just let it out.

I write.
Maybe you should try it.

Isn't music your muse?
Then go make lyrics;
Write a song.

It doesn't have to be pretty,
Or depressing,
Or healthy,
Or destructive.
Or it can be all at once!
It doesn't have to be consistent.
Don't listen to those fools.
The past is nothing but a random pattern.
The future is nothing but unpredictable -
Unless, of course, if you design it like so.

Consistency is a beautiful term they invented,
With an equally creative description in the dictionary.
Consistency is a word they made
To be interchangeable with mediocrity.
And that, I say,
Is the least of what you are.

But no matter what,
Tell the truth in your art.
Because for all the fickleness of life,
There is one truth that you live by.
Some romanticize this concept
And call it the self.

But I -
I just call it me.

We are a truth, you and I.

Never forget that,
And maybe you'll be able to trick people into thinking
It is this "consistency" they scream of.
But don't be like them,
Don't follow them, of course -
Never, in fact.
You don't have to be anything at all.
You don't even have to be you!

But then,

It'd sure be nice if you choose to be.

She smiles.

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