Saturday, September 20, 2014


I'd like to tie a rope around your waste,
Hang you up high,
And stir you like newly made coffee.
See how you feel about that.

Can you feel your guts twisting?
It's like an involuntary rollercoaster.
You can't get away.
Oh That?
That's the sound of your own puking.
That's the whisper of your mind screaming.
That's the incomprehension touching you.
Animals kill animals for survival and necessity.
And yet I was naive to their infinite capacity for evil.

Humans are so dumb.
They make these self-actualizing concepts,
And deem themselves worthy of justifying everything.
You wonder,
Where the fuck do they get their confidence?
How can they scream empathy and justice,
When they only know how to place themselves
In shoes and not in paws -
When webbed feet are impossible?
When flippers are for the incapable,
And wings are for the technology-deficit.

They study and study.
And their vocabulary wrongly defines appreciation.
What fools.
It is the greatest fault of all legendary heroes.
It is the greatest fault of man's ideals.

*This isn't a poem. I don't even know if this is prose. This is a rant - unstructured and free. This is a plea. This is me understanding why we eat meat, and more than that knowing that this is different from outright cruelty. This is not playing with food. This is playing with life that we deem insignificant to ours. This is a reaction to an article I saw on Dog Spinning done in Bulgaria. No, I did not even open that link. I cannot. This is different from that article of an area in China eating dogs. I was sad and outraged, but that is my own bias. Animals are eaten for survival. I do not think the lion cruel for killing the deer. I only pity the deer and hope for it to die quickly. But, let me repeat -  cruelty is different. It's an entirely different thing to play with life. PLAY - how did such a joyful word become so twisted?

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