Monday, October 27, 2014

But Only If You Must

If you must love, 
Then love truly.
If you must hate,
Then hate firmly.

Never thoughtlessly,
But never too thoughtful.
For nothing genuine is manipulated,
And nothing beautiful is disregarded.


I do believe that Love can be quantified,

But I also believe in that statement's unimportance.

Sunday, October 26, 2014



In the silence of stares,
The gears in their heads are ever shifting.
Always thinking
Voicing out opinions
But only in hushed tones,
Never any way else.

In the isolation of whispers,
You can't help but get scared.
They're terrifying -
Paintings and Monuments
So bright in their own rights.

And you,
You are nothing to them.

The windows to their nonexistent souls
Are through the eyes.
So in their stoic appearances,
Only one movement is allowed -
For irises to move down
And condemn you for all you are.

And after that one second,
The jury move forward again.
Forgetting all their thoughts -
Forgetting you.

But us,
We never forget.


So many stories
Of Great Loves
And Great Sobs.

Of worlds crumbling,
Of hearts breaking -
In perfects halves,
And in pieces.

Of people soaring high,
Of princesses and perfect lives.
In monochrome to rainbow,
In riddance of sorrow.

Goes my heart -
Sometimes in seconds,
Sometimes in minutes.

I'm here -

I'll be patient.
I swear.