Monday, November 10, 2014

Trade of Hearts

That day I said yes,
I did so completely.
I reveled in our trade of hearts.
When mine was given whole,
And I kept your broken one dearly.

It was the most magical time of my life.
We held hands and hugged and kissed,
We were tiny fools for believing in forever.
When forever at fourteen was only a year.

Still we spent three forevers together - 
Not without tears and not without loss.
Not without broken phones and not without moms.
We were rash and we were brash.
And we wore lives with no consequences.
But our worlds crushed so easily.

And now when we step into a whole new one,
I guess we we won't have each other anymore.
It's alright,
Don't cry.
I don't mind.

We're just trading hearts again,
Only this time,
I return yours whole,
And mine's in pieces.

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