Friday, February 20, 2015

(Rant) People think

...that being finite beautifies life.
But no, endings and deaths
They're tragic.
Humans have this illusion of being selfless and giving and having the capability to be sated.
But none of those are true.
We are power-hungry creatures
And it's not a sin.
It's just the truth.
And in life the ultimate power
Is to conquer death
To never meet
Only in undeath.

We crave immortality
And life is beautiful
Not because it is finite
But because we unexpectedly
Taste a bit of this eternity
In the spontaneous beauties of the world
Of the surprising elegance of human souls.
Our moments of nothingness
Are transformed into little bits of clarity
Into tiny fractions
Of anything
And everything
At once.

*end rant*

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