Monday, October 19, 2015

An Hour of What

Three o'clock is the hour of the devil
Five o'clock is the hour of the light
But Here I am at four am
Lost in the abyss of the in-between,
         of nothingness, of the undefined.

What is it
In the early morning of the night
That wakes me
And drives me mad?
What is it
In the pain of the just woken
That numbs me
And makes me sad?

What is it
That when it ends
Leaves me forgetful
And lulls me back to sleep,
To dream
To wish
For a reality
That won't be there
In the woken eyes
Of this body -
Trapped in between
Who are

**This was from a manga that I was reading a yesternight. I took a screenshot of the line because it was so beautiful, but I forgot to write down the title.

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