Tuesday, October 27, 2015


You can't do it.
You owe it to the fandoms, to these idols and singers who brought you happiness when, for some reason, nothing else did.
You owe it to your dogs, these pure and noble creatures who gave you love so much more than you ever gave them.
You owe it to the friends you keep on encouraging, so at least they don't end up listening to the words of a hypocrite.
You owe it to the people at home, whom you never gave a chance to explain, and ended up disliking because of the involuntary love they cursed you with.
You owe it to her, the one who raised you and won't stop nagging you, all the while missing her real family who are more than a few hours away.
You can't die yet because one day you won't be a coward anymore, and you have to allow yourself to see that day.

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